Sailing to Liberia


After 8 months of service in Ghana we have left to go to Liberia.

Here we were anxiously awaiting our departure from the promenade deck. However, we ended up being delayed for 7 hours because of an engine problem. We left at 1:30 am.

In preparation for leaving, we pack everything up into the ship, including the Landrovers. Here’s the last one being lifted up into the forward deck.

Most are put into our large holds, and the last few are put on the forward deck and strapped down.

Land rovers strapped down on the forward deck.

We left Tema harbor two days ago after a delay. After a short time of sailing, we stopped to wait for a fuel ship to come by and give us fuel at sea. This is called ‘bunkering’.

I woke up at 7am to look out of my window/porthole in the nick of time to see the refuel ship coming just by here are its pictures….

This is the view out my port hole the split second after I woke up and looked outside. Here came the fuel ship.

These photos were all taken out my cabin porthole.

The ship had these balloon type things that it drug alongside it as it drew closer to us, to keep it from hitting us as we attached ourselves together.

It comes along side us and attaches itself to us, and with a large hose going through a side entrance to the ship and down to a tank, puts fuel on our ship. This refueling takes about 8 hours.

We had to bunker at sea because most ports don’t let you do it in port, for some reason. Also, its cheaper to do it there than put into a port for fuel, where it must be brought to you by tanker truck.

We also had a dispute with the bunker ship about the quality of the fuel — we tested it and it had water in it. This caused a delay before fueling.
You can see the hose just to the left of the yellow pipe, stretching across the water to our ship.
They resolved it somehow and we finished fueling at 9pm yesterday and set off again at sail.
You’d never believe it, but the bunker ship had a dog on it ! I spotted it as the ship came closer. Here’s a shot of him as we approached.

Of course I took more photos of him and found him much more interesting than the ship!

While we were tied together, I asked the sailors on the other boat what its name was, and they said Puma, or something like that. They were Russian.

He seemed like a happy fellow, living on a ship with other guys. They gave him treats and shows off his tricks he did for us…barking, shaking hands, sitting.
Now we are moving along at sea.
The Anastasis is a beautiful sailer, very smooth. The seas are very cooperative, too, and its very smooth sailing at this moment. The air is so fresh and wonderful, compared to the smell of the port at Tema.

The Anastasis at Sea…..

Deck guys at work this morning

This is a shot of the bow I took this morning of it cutting through the water.

We should arrive in Liberia on Thursday.

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