The Africa Mercy Finally, Finally, Finally Arrives !


It is old news by now but the new Mercy Ship Africa Mercy finally arrived in Monrovia port on May 23. It came early in the morning and we couldn’t believe it finally was arriving even until the moment we saw it on the horizon. Its been plagued by so many difficulties and setbacks.
Here, Liberian crew member Oscar Gray carries his nation’s flag proudly.

Here she comes, from a far distance, then coming through the Monrovia harbor breakwater, then finally coming close. She’s a big, floating box!
The mood on the dock was celebratory — we brought out flags from the Anastasis International Lounge and waived them in joyous celebration. We waived as we began to see people on the Africa Mercy on the decks.
It was an awesome morning. My friend Cathy is on left with the Canadian flag.
My good friend Esther from Ghana, our ship’s photographer on left; on right, some British girls – Lucy on right is my cabin mate and work mate.

The apartment building, er, ship, is very very carefully backed into the berthing spot on the other side of the pier from the Anastasis.

The Africa Mercy is docked and the gangway is lowered.
Next installment: The Big Move!

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