President Ellen Johnson-Sirleaf Visits the Africa Mercy


The President of Liberia visited the ship last month on May 28. It was a great honor to have her here.

She has visited once before, when we were in Liberia in 2005, just before her inauguration. She has always supported us and we keep her in our prayers because her task to run the country is unbelievably hard.

Here she gets out of her car, and lo and behold, that person in green in the background is ME! I’ve had my touch with celebrity here. This photo was on the Reuters wire service and so was I!

Here she is again, getting out of her car – and there I am again at back left. Too bad I’m not smiling.

I was working that day with all the hordes of local Liberian media who showed up, and three international media teams that came, including one from Al Jazeera.

She toured the ship and address all the crew in our International Lounge.

I could tell she was a very gracious lady who has alot of weight on her shoulders. Please pray for the government and people of Liberia — the success of the peace of this nation is hanging on her being president and the UN being here. Without both of them, it would all fall apart again.

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