Living Traditionally Without Poverty


Recently I got the great experience of going to a village to see a project. Mercy Ships is teaching the women in the village how to raise rabbits and I was along to see them receive their first rabbits as stock.

The village was neat, clean and very traditional, with mud built buildings with thatch roofs. We had to cross a small river on a log raft to get there. It was raining all day but it didn’t matter. The kids were great.

It was nice to see people living traditionally without technology and ‘stuff’ that and — where traditional doesn’t mean poverty and squalor — just means living very simply. The fact that there is no electricity or running water means people must live traditionally. Women were pounding greens for their dinner, a vegetable garden grew zealously in the middle of the village, and chickens pecked about with their chicks. The fact that women wore western t-shirts and flip flops with their ‘lappa’ skirts was the only sign of the outside world.

However, we did hear the ring tones of cell phones when we were there. That was the only thing that one could find from the 21st century. Apparently although without electrcity and water, they do get cell phone coverage!

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