A Photo Gallery

Okay, its been a while since a post, but here are some photos of my life here since I last wrote.

Here is the Africa Mercy, in all its gloriously boxy splendor, the place we call home.
Here is my cubicle with my bed. There are two cubicles in my room with four women, total. The bottom bunk is mine.

My current roomates are South African, and Canadian.

I’m glad that we are all tidy-minded.
Our teeny tiny bathroom. So small I couldn’t get it all in one shot. At left is shower, and right is sink.

Our teeny tiny shower.

We still must take 2 minute showers because water supply coming from Monrovia is so low. We’ve learned to turn off the water, wash, rinse, and repeat…

But don’t feel too sorry for us serving here in Liberia. We do get off the ship on the weekends, and the one and nearly only thing to do here is go to the beach. This is last weekend at Elwa beach.

Thank goodness rainy season is over and we can get off the ship.

Here are my friends Esther and Lucy, as we relax at Golden Beach, which is a restuarant on the beach.

Nothing fancy….

But the views can’t be beat.

A lizard friend at Elwa beach. There were unusual pine trees along the beach area.

There are so many kinds of bananas here — these little itty bitty tiny ones are so darned cute!

And they are very sweet.

Taxi wisdom — we see it everywhere on backs of taxis. Maybe he is the perfect manager.

The train to nowhere. This old engine stands as an office/waiting area for people at the bong mines train. I don’t think these people understood why we were taking their picture.

MMmmmmm, food.
This is a typical dish we get here: pepper soup. The soup is a very hot dish with fish and meat, plus ‘garden eggs’ which are eggplants, tiny ones here, and other things which we don’t ask about. Its always served with a big plate of rice.
You’re never hungry after eating, but you may have a huge dose of heartburn.

On this particular occaision, my fish was very present in my soup. And if you look closely, you can see his tiny teeth.

Believe it or not, I’ve come to the point where this doesn’t turn me off the food and I find it tasty.

We see many of these kinds of signs around here.

There were so many guns in Liberia after the war, there were lots of campaigns by the UN to persuade people to give peace a chance. It appears to be working.

Click here to view more photos in a slide show.

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