The Africa Mercy Departs Liberia


Yesterday, we finally left Liberia. We have set sail for the Canary Islands for a break, from which I’ll be flying home.

It was a bittersweet leaving, I’m happy to be leaving Liberia, we are all a bit worn out from being here, but sad that I’ll probably never see it again.

Here are some shots of us departing — we had a small group of Liberian friends on the dock saying goodbye. Our Africa Mercy is in good condition, and our technical crew worked hard to get us ready to go. Our engines started up without a hitch, we pulled up the gangway, and quietly began to pull away from the dockside, pulling out of the harbor, past the breakwaters, and out to the open sea.

Below are photos of us leaving the port.

Click here for a slideshow of  us at sea.


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  1. Amanda has been a stalwart of our team on the Africa Mercy and we will miss her greatly. Her service time ends on Dec 18th and we pray that she will go forth with great memories as she helped us to serve the forgotten poor of the world. We hope that she will consider joining our team again in the future. Until we are honored to team with her again, we wish her the success that she so justly deserves. Well done, Amanda! We will miss you!– Sam SmithVP of DevelopmentMercy Ships

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