Profound advice found at a Potbelly restaurant near the condiment table.

I’ve resurrected my blog life just as I’m doing a lot of changing and rearranging in my own life.  I haven’t blogged since I was with Mercy Ships  when I was on what I thought was the epic journey of my life.

When I look back at myself during my Mercy Ship days, I see that I am different person now, changed by the bumps and twists of the road behind me I have traveled.

Now I’m doing a much more daring thing. I’ve jumped off the cliff into the abyss of non-employment, a time of sabbatical to explore a personal passion: the local food movement and farming. I thought this daring journey is similar and more bold by comparison than the well structured world of a hospital ship off the coast of Africa.  This journey, like that one, required more hutzpah than I’d ever mustered up to this point.  And that, by definition, deserves its own blog.

I will attempt to relate the chronicles of the journey I am on now – the people I meet, the things I do and the hurdles I overcome.

I welcome you to my journey and will send postcards from this edge.


I also write another blog called ‘a growing season’ with my friend Martina, which explores the local and sustainable food movement in the Washington DC region. I invite you to take a look.

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